“Stunning wearable art pieces ! The quality is unlike anything you can find. When you wear Anu Raina you are wearing art.”
Becca (Jun-14-2023)

“I had a wonderful experience with Anu. She was so pleasant to work with and so kind and enthusiastic. Her work is original and well made. I am so happy that I made the trip to her lovely store in Oakville.”
Judith Mason (May-21-2023)

“Lovely boutique store. Anu was helpful, friendly and professional. She brought me items to try on I hadn’t considered, but was never pushy. Clothing is beautiful! Can’t wait to wear my Anu Raina designs!!”
Andrea Ellison (Apr-23-2023)

“We just happen to go into Anu’s shop. It is a hidden Gem. I highly recommend a trip to Oakville just to get the experience. Her creations are beautiful, comfortable, affordable and funky. Great colours and patterns. I can’t wait to return. How often do you get to buy from the designer, a truly canadian made product.”
Sheila Webster (Mar-1-2023)

“I cannot explain in words how Anu Raina’ clothes make me feel. I always hunt for unique clothes as I am really into fashion. Anu Raina does not disappoint! Even the in store experience is very special. I don’t want everyone to know about her wonderful Designs as I’m greedy!! 😂. But seriously, I’m so grateful that I stumbled upon this store and designer in my town. :)”
Janis Chase (Jan-17-2023)

“I have bought a few different pieces from Anu through the years and have just received my most recent purchase and, as always, I am in love with every piece I have received. All have exceeded expecting and I can’t wait to wear them all.
I stepped outside of my style comfort zone being the Portrait Top, but I just needed to take a chance on it because it kept catching my eye every time I saw it online - I love it. Stunning!

Anu’s vision/design is so refreshing. Each piece is a work of art all in it’s own and very well made.

She is passionate about what she does and it shows in her designs, quality and customer service.

Thank you so much Anu!
Pam L.
Calgary, AB
Pamela Larson (Dec-30-2022)

“I had a marvellous shopping experience with Anu this week. She is such an artist and her clothes that she designs are stylish and unique. Each piece has a story. From handmade scarves, to festive tops, jackets and dresses she has such an eye for fashion and a sincere understanding of what suits her customers. Supporting a talented Canadian designer is such a pleasure.”
Louise Smith (Dec-24-2022)

“Like the fashion icon herself, Anu Raina’s designs are fierce, wildly unique and beautiful! Such incredible talent and creativity is reflected in each perfectly curated piece she produces. Highly recommend for anyone fashionable. In one of Anu’s looks, you are sure to make the best dressed list!”
Kirsten Kelleher (Dec-23-2022)

“I am a returning customer to Anu’s store and every time it is more than just shopping experience . Anu is very creative with her design , she puts her heart and soul in every item, high quality clothing and a pure pleasure to buy from .
Thank you Anu for your great personality and your art! I am getting lots of compliments wearing your beautiful pieces and looking forward for more!”
Julia Zvigelsky (Nov-25-2022)

“I love this store, the models, colours, good materials, full of life! European style, unique models.”
Gabriela Dumi (Nov-9-2022)

“Excellent Quality”
Diana Kutlesa (Nov-3-2022)

“Everything superb! Especially the clothes. They are unique, high quality and fun.”
Lilia Sham (Oct-24-2022)

“My first visit into Anu’s store was delightful. The care and attention to the service and fitting was second to none. And looking forward to future collections from this talented Canadian designer.”
Jennifer Mccleary (Oct-2-2022)

“Really elegant, unique clothing. Great designs!”
Mary Mckirgan (Oct-1-2022)

“Top quality fabrics and construction of garments. Creative, one of a kind designs. Store is very welcoming!! :)”
Thorel Beckett (Sep-25-2022)

“Loved the fabrics and clothing and chatting with Anu! K.”
Karla Scheel (Sep-15-2022)

“Exceptional quality of workmanship and materials as well as insightful sharing by Anu. It was a pleasure meeting you. I will be a return customer for certain.
Mandi Buckner (Aug-21-2022)

“I am so delighted that I just stopped to browse at the store today on a short visit to downtown Oakville. The pieces on display, all designed by Anu Raina and made in Canada is what actually piqued my interest and curiosity. The designs and prints are unique and the cut impeccable. I bought a denim jacket that I know will be timeless and something I will be reaching out for in all kinds of weather! Will be going back again!”
Reny Chacko (Aug-18-2022)

“Nice meeting you, Anu! I will enjoy the coat! Looking forward to fall now 😊”
Dagmar Butler (Jul-9-2022)

“Beautiful. Enough said!”
Rob Kush (Jun-3-2022)

“I so appreciated the personal service and ideas. The clothing is beautiful!”
Carol Mcaulay (May-30-2022)

“Very gifted designer, and she’s very friendly.”
Yin-ling Shiu (May-21-2022)

“Anu is an inspiration. And very talented”
Bonnie Sitherwood (May-14-2022)

“just a very pleasant experience!”
Jean Downie (May-10-2022)

“Such a lovely boutique and a lovely designer. I purchased the “love is life” trench coat and everyone has been complimenting me on it! Anu is a good hearted and very talented lady! Her creations are beautiful and all made in Canada using high quality fabrics and high quality printing!”
Assia Z (May-3-2022)

“Lovely to chat and get to know you - we enjoyed our experience and your input to our purchases. We will Be back! Thanks 😀”
Helen Samyn (Apr-7-2022)

“I utterly love your shop and designs. I can’t wait to become a regular customer! Thank you for your fantastic designs and quality! Your kindness made my day! Kind regards,
Daena Rundle (Mar-3-2022)

“Hi Anu
Just wanted to say how I enjoyed shopping with you today.
Wishing you well.
Carole Watts”
Carole Watts (Mar-2-2022)

“Great experience. Thanks, Anu”
Joanne Brodey (Jan-28-2022)

“Keep up the good work👏👏”
Italia Mcneil (Jan-27-2022)

“Very pleasant atmosphere”
D Urquhart-sutherland (Jan-12-2022)

“An all around pleasant experience
Anu is a wonderful addition to Oakville”
Monica Watson (Dec-9-2021)

“An amazing store and incredible designer definitely worth going in and checking out her beautiful pieces to bring home to your own closet.”Candice Furtado (Dec-5-2021)

“A very pleasant shopping experience!!!!”
Catherine Rezler (Dec-4-2021)

“Great customer interaction. Beautiful/ unique Canadian clothing. Wearable art !”
Nancy Mcewen (Oct-13-2021)

“I absolutely love Anu Raina’s well thought-out and meticulously executed designs! Her prints are really amazing and bring a smile to my face and her attention to detail and her tailoring is really excellent, especially at such an accessible price point! I have a scarf, a trench and 2 jackets from her line now and I know there will definitely be more in the future!. Thank you!”
Caroline Chan (Sep-19-2021)

“A lovely little shop on Lakeshore in Oakville. Wonderfully creative designed clothing made by a Canadian designer.”
Sharon Shantz (Sep-18-2021)

“Absolutely loved the collection! Thanks for an amazing experience and styling tips, Anu! I’m in love my Anu Raina outfits!”
Leena Verma (Jul-21-2021)

“Amazing local designer. Beautiful clothes. Support local and Canadian!”
Jennifer Prince (Jul-9-2021)